Staying Productive (even when there’s nothing to do)

Just kidding, there’s always something to do.

Clean up your desktop, organize files into clearly labelled folders and delete unnecessary files. I organize by my folders by project type, date and project name and move them to my documents folder.

Make all your devices talk to each other. If you do this make sure to remove any devices you no longer use (or even have) and double check your security and home network administration settings. Follow up by making your all your security updates are updated and installed. Give yourself an extra special pat on the back if you can fire up your printer from every device in the house.

Contact your contacts. Say hello, have a nice chat, update their contact information and notes.

Cancel unused and unwanted website and software subscriptions. Uninstall old, unused and unwanted software. Delete useless bookmarks and organize the useful ones into clearly labelled folders.

Learn how to fully utilize the software you already use. Read through the documentation, visit the website, read the user forums, watch tutorial videos and see what all those buttons and drop down menus do.

Get pressed and gussied up, do your hair, find your best light, set the timer on your camera and take some awesome pictures of yourself being professional and looking friendly against a clean, neutral background without harsh shadows. Don’t go crazy editing your photos with filters, good lighting does the job without making you look like a dead-eyed plastic skinned doll.

Write a handful of short bios for yourself about yourself, from different angles, with varying degrees of formality and cite specifics about your goals and accomplishments customized to highlight your different skills. Put these bios into clearly labelled text files and drop them into a clearly labelled and dated folder to use when you set up or update your professional profiles.

Update your resumes with current credentials and experience. Write a handful of generic cover letters that you can tailor toward a potential employer or clients at a future date. Bonus points for updating your professional profiles.

Fulfill whatever professional continuing education requirements you can or acquire additional professional certifications online.


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