I was busier today than I planned to be

One of my old domain names became available and I was able to register it last night. I promised myself no new domains, but this isn’t really a new domain is it?

Back in olden times, I dipped my toe into the freshly formed blogging pool by starting a knitting blog called PointySticks. It was hosted on Blogspot. I poked around different platforms for a bit before deciding I was a WordPress woman. I ended up with dot-net top level domain because some other web savvy knitter was more forward thinking and had registered the dot-com.

After pouring my heart and soul, photographs of projects, knitting witticisms and cute stories into my pointysticks.net blog for over a decade I lost the domain name. It got snatched because it had good backlinks and was aged to perfection.

Now it’s mine again. I feel so lucky.

Although I had already charted out my schedule for today last week, paying for empty online real estate isn’t what I do. I host through my registrar, so setting up hosting was brutally fast and easy. I’m not paying $80 a year though for SSL, so I set that up myself, then I did the MX entry mojo so my personalized email is handled through Gmail, installed an acceptable theme, then chased down ye olde abandoned profiles and claimed my site so I think I’m ready to work on the fun parts. I’ll have inevitably forgotten a few things that will come to my attention at the worst possible time but that’s okay.

I’m happy I have chance to start it over. The past is in the past (and the Wayback Machine), what’s happened in the past are all the things that brought me here to today. There are things I would have NEVER thought I could do then that I do all the time now, and there were so many stupid things that I agonized over that now I realize didn’t matter one bit.

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