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Fine, everything is just fine

It has been a minute since my last post and since I had to renew my SSL Certificates I figured I might as well pop in and post an update. I use ZeroSSL, and if you follow the link you’ll be clicking on my affiliate link and helping to support this site if you use a paid plan. I highly recommend that you try the free option first, see if it works for you and then when you renew you have the option of using a paid plan.

It was a rough summer, this whole year sucks so much. My bright spot has been the wildlife.

This whole summer we were practically plagued with bunnies and had a sharp increase in the number of hummingbirds at the single feeder hanging at the front of the house. Because hummingbirds are so aggressive with each other we bought four extra feeders¬† and spaced them out under the porch awning and the eves. I think right now we have six or seven regulars, about an even split of Anna’s and Rufus but there might be more.

I was busier today than I planned to be

One of my old domain names became available and I was able to register it last night. I promised myself no new domains, but this isn’t really a new domain is it?

Back in olden times, I dipped my toe into the freshly formed blogging pool by starting a knitting blog called PointySticks. It was hosted on Blogspot. I poked around different platforms for a bit before deciding I was a WordPress woman. I ended up with dot-net top level domain because some other web savvy knitter was more forward thinking and had registered the dot-com. Continue Reading

Bringing Your “A” Game..

…when there’s no one in the stadium is disheartening. You spend your precious time and pour your professional qualifications into profile after profile and submit bids on jobs to be passed over again and again. It can make you want to shed your business casual attire and slip into something more comfortable like day drinking and Twitter feeds.

I know the feeling all too well. Way too well to be entirely comfortable writing about it at any given moment but I have something to tell you about that feeling. Continue Reading