Break the Ice: Write don’t Freeze

You’d be more productive and your career more profitable if you could just sit down and write. Instead you agonize over the title. You write and delete, start over. You do a little more research on your topic. You play with your phone, text, clean your desk, read emails. After you’ve returned phone calls, scheduled meetings, rewired the electrical in your entire office and patched the drywall you realize you never got around to writing an actual post or article. Then you realize you really never forgot to write it. The task hangs there, unfinished.

The time spent agonizing over your writing doesn’t directly contribute to the quality of it if you’re not actively writing. You need to write confidently and quickly with a reliable level of competence.

The keys to effective and efficient writing are preparation and practice.

Research is only part of the preparation.

The way to efficiently translate the information into a written piece is to standardize the process. Use a structure and don’t insist on reinventing that structure every single time you sit down to write.

Typical blog post:

  • Introduction (the problem, need, interesting thing or issue)
  • Summary (a sentence or short paragraph to highlight my focus)
  • Information
  • Information
  • Warm down (wrap up and/or call to action)

Because I know this structure works and it’s easy to read, I don’t have any reservations. I haven’t invested hours and hours of my life sitting in front of my keyboard crafting each word.

What you’re writing should dictate the structure of your outline. As you meander around online pay attention to structures that you like and create a structure for your outlines based on your needs.

A product review:

  • Introduction to the product (cost, specifications, use, availability)
  • Quick summary (what I’ll be writing about next)
  • Problems it solves (experience with it)
  • Good things about it (details)
  • Bad things about it (details)
  • Final word (like it or hate it, value, recommendations)

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  • Steven Morrissette

    April 18, 2020

    Interesting and clear instructions on writing clear helpful post.


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