Ushering in the New Year with a Bit of the Past

Welcome to 2018.

Every new year there’s a handful of friends that curse the last year and swear that this next will be better. 2017 wasn’t the easiest year for me ever, but I’ve had worse years.

I accomplished quite a bit in 2017 in fact: a new job, a major career change for the better, made new friends, paid off old debts and started rebuilding my life. My kids are healthy. My boyfriend is kind. I have love and stability and hope and many reasons to be grateful.

Stability means it’s time to start writing again. Reentering the work force after 17 years as a stay at home mother and wife three years ago was an adjustment that required sacrificing the time that I’d previously had to write. Now that my schedule accommodates things like eating and sleeping on a regular basis it’s much easier to budget writing time. Not always easy, but easier.

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