Ammonia baths

Besides being a good physical cleaner, ammonia is a good spiritual cleanser and is useful for spiritual cleansing baths. Some writers point out that “ammonia” sounds similar to “harmony” but I think that must be a regional accent thing, because it doesn’t sound that close to my very Oregonian ear.

In hoodoo and conjure ammonia is good for cleaning up all sorts of messes. If you cross yourself up or track a trick into the house, the first thing you should do is put some ammonia in water and clean it up, disposing of the water away from the house (into the drive or the street, or even taking it to a cross road and tossing it over your shoulder as you pass.)

So it makes sense from time to time to do a cleansing wash on yourself, by filling a bathtub with water and adding a capful (about a teaspoon) of ammonia to the water, then closing your eyes and holding your nose, submerse yourself three times in the bath completely to take off any negative build up of energy. It works, it works really very well.

However ammonia takesĀ everything off, it doesn’t just take off the negative spiritual residue and bad emotions, it takes everything off. All of it. Period. All the good stuff goes with the bad, that’s why after you clean your house with it you do some extra protection, blessing and prosperity work, and that’s why after you clean yourself with it, you should do some protection, blessing and prosperity work. It is also why people shouldn’t do an ammonia bath more than once or twice a year, or why folks really shouldn’t even get out of the bath without doing just a little work on themselves first.

Ammonia bath: one capful (about 1 teaspoon) ammonia in a tub full of water. Have a pitcher or basin ready to hold some of the bath water before draining the tub completely.

Follow up bath: Add one cup of strong hyssop tea and a solid dash of rose water, say the Lord’s Prayer over the water as the tub refills.

Afterwards, get dressed and take the basin of ammonia bath water and throw it onto the street (or parking lot, if you live in an apartment.)